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Identity Collective Video + Interview

'loneden' - IDC

Identity Collective have been steadily putting out edits for a hot second now so I thought i'd catch up with the crew and find out a little more about what makes them tick. Peep the interview and then go watch their latest edit 'loneden' featuring skating from, Noah Terry, Ryan James, Mitch Bingham, Cass Doig and Frank O'Donnell.

M: What’s your name?

IDC: Ryan James

M: What is Identity Collective?

IDC: Identity Collective is a platform for skating, music, photos and pretty much any art form me or my friends have produced, it’s pretty open at this point.

M: What inspired you to start filming?

IDC: Well pretty much as long as I’ve been skating I’ve been filming, just phone footage at first then little camcorders until I could afford better stuff, I still can’t afford a lot of equipment. But just skating with friends and watching local videos made me want to start filming myself. Just filming with my mates stacking clips is the best reason.

M: Who are some of you favourite film makers / videos?

IDC: There’s too many, Illegal Civ 2, definitely taken a lot of inspiration from that, Strangers from Lurknyc, of course Strobeck but then videos from Jesse Alba like life is goodie etc. There’s more I’m forgetting right now.

M: What projects are you currently working on?

IDC: ID2! Full length skate film shot in Bournemouth, London, Brighton and Bristol featuring all the homies. I’ve been filming for almost 2 years now but it’s changed a lot in that time. Other than that I’ve got a lot of music videos in the works with mates, some more clothes coming in summer and more hopefully by the end of the year.

M: Where’s your favourite place to skate / film tricks?

IDC: I think it’s gotta be London, like south east London there’s a lot to explore in such a compact space, it’s like when I was young spot hunting Bournemouth because it’s all new. It’s a completely different atmosphere here though which is interesting.

M: Any final words?

IDC: Just stay tuned follow Identity_collective and big up Moose.

Thanks for your time man, looking forward to the ID2 video!

'bmthsqr' - IDC



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