Bones 'Anuals' - STF V5


Bones 'Anuals' - STF V5


Wheel Width 30mm
Wheel Hardness 83B = 103a
Wheel Formula STF
Wheel Colour White
Wheel Suggested Use Street
Wheel Surface Treaded
Wheel Shape V5


Lip radius: 0.5"
Bearing placement: Centre-set / Reversible
Skating style: Ledges, rails, bowls
Comments: Versatile, lighter weight, less side drag, faster longer grinds, high resistance to flatspots, graphic protection.

About Street Tech Formula™ (STF)

Street Tech Formula™ (STF) is specifically engineered from top quality components to obtain all the best properties necessary for the ultimate in street wheel performance.

BONES® WHEELS has created a wheel with a substantially higher rebound for more speed and amazing slide capabilities while maintaining a resistance to flat spotting well beyond any standard wheel. The technology behind STF is proven. The results speak for themselves.




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